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Who am I?

I am a regular guy who once was actively involved in every sport possible, before McDonalds took over my life. Since I can't play them like I used to, I matter as well write about them. I really enjoy all kinds of sports, but truly love baseball, basketball and football as my main attractions.

I was born in New York City and was programmed to like everything New York. Although I am a Yankees fan by heart, I do enjoy just being a fan of the sport of baseball.

I live in Colorado with my wife Misty, and newborn son Alex.

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If you click mine, I will surely click yours ;)

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Sports of course! I obviously love to write. I also enjoy photography and spending quality time with my wife and son.


I like all sports. I like to plant my face near a computer every second of the day. I like to use Myspace facebook and twitter t


I hate cockyness. The perfect example is if you were to compare Kobe vs. J.R. Smith.

I would like to ...

I would like to get into college/minor league level as a writer. I enjoy watching the progression of players who still do it for, rather than the money.

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Rangeview High School

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Western State College


Communications - Mass Media and Journalism

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My main skills are column writing, photography. I guess I have other ones too!

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