8 June 2009

These days, going to a baseball game isn't what it used to be. Seldom will a pitcher throw into the 7th inning; the score is usually 7-6 or 10-9; and your favorite slugger is likely to hit one, if not two balls, out of the park. The game is shamelessly jacked up on HGH, and its obvious. The best hitter (Bonds) and pitcher (Clemens) of our generation used it, and more players are getting busted by the day (A-Rod, Manny). However, most fans don't care. They still go to the ballpark. That's because baseball, and pro sports in general, is merely another form of entertainment.

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28 June 2008

As I sit here and watch Johan shutout the Yankees for first three innings I wonder what it would be like for him to be in the road grey's. Sure it would be nice to have some one of his caliber as a member of the Yankees but I think his performance is season thus far has proven Brian Cashman correct. If the Yankees had traded Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy for Johan Santanna, Yankee fans would be asking for more. I know Hughes and Kennedy have no wins this year but Hughes is only 20 years old and has great potential. He needs time to devlop. I am not sure what Kennedy turns into and I would have definetly been fine with trading him in a deal just not packaged with Hughes. It just wasnt fair for the Yankees to give up prospects and a huge contract.

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24 June 2008


If you are a MLB manager in New York, you are involved in some risky business.  No matter how much you do for your team over the years, one false move could end up with you not having a job.   

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2 June 2008

     It seems that this year the The New York Yankees won't be sending more than 1 (maybe 2) players to the All Star game being held in Yankee Stadium. Johnny Damon had a stella

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10 May 2008

I call it "Baseball Heroin," as it's all too easy to sit for hours flipping between games, immobile, helpless to the draw of constant, and constantly changing, baseball.

This year has the added bonus of being able to watch either the home or away feed for a game, so I can tailor my watching to the team I like, or switch between the two to get a different perspective on a game. This somewhat ameliorates some of the problems DirecTV has been having this year with feeds--I'm one of the many, many people who woke up at 3AM on Opening Day in Japan . . . only to find that DirecTV's satellite problems were blacking out the broadcast. A handful of games later on in the season experienced this same problem, but these problems have been by and large small ones.

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7 May 2008

Bring back day games for the World Series. Baseball's being lost to other sports, in part because kids don't watch the games (live or in person) the way they could when the games were in the daytime. Sure, ratings are higher at night, but how much does this affect ad revenue, really? And even if it does, sometimes you've gotta sacrifice the present for the future, instead of the other way around.

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