5 November 2009

He fooled me yet again.

We’ve seen this act before. Andrew Bynum, through the first five games, is averaging over 20-10, yet again. 

It’s nothing new. For the third straight season, the young, potential stud, center for the Los Angeles Lakers has hit the ground running and has shown flashes of being an all-star caliber center in the NBA. 

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1 November 2009

The Giants once again dominated the time of possession against the Eagles, holding the ball for over 35 minutes, and they again had a "healthy" balance of run and pass plays.  They actually ran the ball 32 times in this game, 8 more times than the Eagles.  They also lost the game 40-17, and were outperformed in every phase of the game.  The one thing the Giants did more effectively than Philly was to actually run down the game clock, effectively taking care of that for the Eagles by taking way too long in their drives, and running an absurd number of draw and running plays while trailing by 24 points.  

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27 October 2008

The Carolina Panthers are rolling! Led by Jake's new Arm the two heading monster at running back, and the Best Receiver in the League Steve Smith. He is Just amazing! For the Third straight game is ha

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25 October 2008

This should be your lock of the week. The new trend in the NFL is teams out west coming east and playing has lost every game this year when the game is at 1:00 and this one is. Plus the Panthers are u

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20 October 2008

The New York Football Giants are really the only legit contender. Under the radar tho was the NFC South who their best team are solid and plus has no drama. Tampa Bay is a great football team a

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10 October 2008

Good news Gamecocks fans, I believe that our Gamecocks has a great chance to win this week at Kentucky and here's why. Yes, KT is 4-1, but the haven't beat anyone notable. The have w

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9 October 2008

Wow! In five short weeks we went from the Cowboys as the Super Bowl Favorites, to are they even the best team in the NFC East.  Now I will give you this, the Redskins are shocking every

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7 October 2008

Since Mr. Reggie Bush has been in the League he has been in the new a lot. From the Scandal at USC, to dating Kim Kardashian, to being over-hyped. Last night he was in it for the right reasons. During the Monday Night Game The Saints VS the Viking, it was build as Peterson Vs Bush, and everybody thought that All Day was going to do just that and run all day and night against the saints and that lowly defence. To everyone's surprise it was Mr. Bush that sole the show with almost 300 yards of total offence which is more that twice the Kansas City put up in the defeat at the paws of my Carolina Panthers Sunday. In the second he took over the game in i way in my 27 years i never seen a scat back as the call him do with two punt returns that he was clocked at running over 21 mph with 20lbs of equipment on.Reggie Bush no matter what they try to call him scat back, specialty player, or whatever  he is none other that a football player.  He single took the game over and if it was for the saint kicking game and their penants and turnovers they would have won the game. He also set two NFL records most receptions by a player to start a carrer, and two punt returns in the same game is one also he hold that with others. Since he has been drafted they have been waiting for him to live up to the hype. Let me be the first to tell you the wait is over. Church

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29 July 2008

According to several blogs, including Baseball Digest Daily, Mark Teixeira is headed to the Angels, in exchange for middling 1B Casey Kotchman and minor-league pitcher Stephen Marek, with perhaps others thrown into the mix.

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28 June 2008

As I sit here and watch Johan shutout the Yankees for first three innings I wonder what it would be like for him to be in the road grey's. Sure it would be nice to have some one of his caliber as a member of the Yankees but I think his performance is season thus far has proven Brian Cashman correct. If the Yankees had traded Melky Cabrera, Phil Hughes, and Ian Kennedy for Johan Santanna, Yankee fans would be asking for more. I know Hughes and Kennedy have no wins this year but Hughes is only 20 years old and has great potential. He needs time to devlop. I am not sure what Kennedy turns into and I would have definetly been fine with trading him in a deal just not packaged with Hughes. It just wasnt fair for the Yankees to give up prospects and a huge contract.

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6 February 2008

s first.

Make sure to check out my blog 2nite as I give my Big Blue Super Bowl Sendoff

New York Football Giants 2007 Super Bowl Champions........God that never gets old.....

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3 February 2008

I have never claimed to be an expert when it comes to predicting outcomes of football games, although last year I nearly predicted the exact final score of the Super Bowl while hitting on seven of my nine prop bets. (My prediction was 26-17, the final was 29-17.) For whatever reason I had a very good feel for that game. This year's Super Bowl, however, remains a mystery to me. Part of the reason I am having trouble getting a good feel for this game is that I am a bitter Jets fan and I can't stand either team. I'm finding it difficult to put my personal feelings aside and look at the game objectively. I think right now I am as close to objectivity as I am going to get, and with that being said, here is my official Super Bowl XLII prediction.

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30 January 2008

Come Friday, Giants fans are going to be pulling their hair. Hopefully, if your not already bald, you'll still have a full head of hair come gameday. It's tough, because you have now waited twelve days since the Green Bay win and you are coming up on 48 hours away from the Super Bowl. Your legs are shaking, you're on your fourth cup of coffee (or Pepsi in my case) and you go to ten times before noon. Not to mention, you have read the sports pages of the New York Post and the Daily News three times each, front to back, strictly Giants coverage. Jeez, will they play this damn game already?!?!?!?

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One of the great stories about this New York Giants team is the personality transformation of the head coach. During his first three years Tom Coughlin was known as a hard nosed, no nonsense disciplinarian whose stubborn coaching methods held him back from truly connecting with his players. This season, however, it is evident that Coughlin has become much more approachable, not just to his players, but to the media as well. In interviews Coughlin is much more animated than in past years, engaging reporters in conversation and sometimes even joking around And the players don't have to duck their heads anymore when they pass Coughlin in the weight room.

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