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The Yoda of all things sports. I may not be perfect, but i will give the most correct passionate information..

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I am born to win, giving my passionate opinions about everything sports. I am driven to look at every angle of the games played possible. Anything that i can do to get closer to the game i do, I want to work in sports, therefore, this is a passion not a hobby. I do this because i have no other choice. I do this because i choose to. There aren't alot of things that grab my attention like sports do.


Baseball, Basketball, everything that gets people together with a cooler of beers and wings. Lets get it, Football, Soccer

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Ondre Baronette
Sunday 15th March 2009, 6:21pm
I hope to give a clear prospective of one of the most storied franchise and famous arena in the NBA. Lets see what i can bring to the table.

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MeloDrama finally to a head posted on 02/18/2011
So your a newly married man, you were born in Brooklyn, and play for the Denver Nuggets. Now you want to force the organization you grew up rooting for, to gut thier roster, trade you to their team, and sign that big extension. It makes little sense, about as much sense as it makes signing that extension before their is a work stoppage. The owners and players will be battling for millions, and you and your New York wife and tv personality, La La Vazquez, will be spending millions, and staying in shape. It scares me to think that these players, all be it great, can dictate the direction of franchises, and send players away from where they play, and start a new path. Its hard to complain about the player the Knicks are getting back, but the entire process, made the Lebron James, "Decesi

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Knick of hope posted on 10/03/2009

Hey fellow Knicknews users, the new season is here, and if you need information from a person that has contact with the Knicks beat writer, I'm your guy. I will have news and information about The Knicks, after Newsday has it of course, both are owned by James Dolan, and Cablevision (Stock ticker (CVC), I'm covering all bases right now).

The Knicks will take on the Nets tomorow, 2pm, in Albany.It will give all of us, the first glance at the team that will take on this "hump year", one that is sure to leave the fans excited and in a frenzy. If the team makes the playoffs, free agency doesn't feel as bad, but if they miss it, then all the attention turns to attracting, two of the best players in the NBA, to their organization. Bringing back some MSG magic.

I think the team will be able to sneak in the back door of the playoffs this season and probably, take out a team like the Pistons. I'll write down how i think the East will shake out.

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It's not too early is it? posted on 08/17/2009
The Yankees look good, and i think that it isn't too early to mention magic number. The amount of games they have to play until they can "pop champagne." I'm just putting it out there, there are bigger concerns with the team, oh wait, no there isn't. They look like they will lose to the A's on the opening night of the series. It would have been nice to give them a day off, but having been shut out 3 other times, the last by Atlanta, on June 23rd. But what do you say, go get them again tomorrow. By the way, any combination of 51 wins it for the Yankees. They win that much, the Red Sox's lose that many, the team will be celebrating the championship of their division. I think that A-Rod is playing hurt, because he looks a little slow, and although that is obvious to see, it's worth

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I mean, really Knicks?? posted on 08/13/2009
I hope that Mr. Donnie Walsh goes out there and gets Ramon Sessions. This young baller out of Nevada can be Raja Bell like for Mike D'Antoni's Knicks. No, he won't guard the two, but he can be a good player against the point. Raja Bell might have been a bit of an overstatement, but I really think they need depth at the point. Duhon and Douglass cannot be the full plan. I could see Monta Ellis finding his way with the team. Golden State has depth at his position, and although they are committed to him, I could see them working something out. I just believe that with the team staying the way it is, the season will be just like last year, even with the addition of Hill and Douglass. Nate and David are still unresolved, and training camp is 10 weeks away or there about. I think it's about time

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A little something to show... posted on 08/12/2009

                The Yankees look good. Their offense is #1 and their pitching is 17th, behind The Mets, surprisingly enough. It shows how much the injuries truly have derailed The Mets, but that's not the purpose of this blog. I think at 70-43, they have shown themselves to be the class of the league right now. Compared to this time last year, when they were 63-56, 9 games out. That difference of 8 games, and three very important piece to that 8 games difference in Teixeira, Sabathia, and Burnett. From this, i gather that players make it difficult to run away with their division, and if it weren't for an 0-8 start to The Redsoxs, the ead would be bigger, like the payroll and play dictates. The Yankees can only de-rail themselves and The Redsoxs, lost like the bully that needed to be confronted and defeated to completely forget all apprehensions. They have all things lined for a run at the World Series for real, and it would be fitting for the new stadium to experience the World Series after the old stadium missed the playoffs for the first time in 13years.                                                                                       

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